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Our Team

Founder & Managing Director
Shashimal Dissanayake

Shashimal Dissanayake is the Founder and Managing Director of Yaden International (Private) Limited and is a graduate in Law (LLB) from the prestigious University of Buckingham (UK) and a Masters in Business with International Management (Msc) from New Castle Business School (UK).

His extensive market research in the field of Pharmaceutical Industry in Sri Lanka led him to discover the potential in the Industry, especially in the lack of innovative pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the market.

In response, he founded Yaden International in 2012 and his tireless effort and devotion has turned the company into a formidable importer and distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Sri Lanka. Under his stewardship, Shashimal hopes to grow Yaden International to become a dominant company in the Sri Lankan Pharmaceutical Industry.

Our Managment Team

Mr. Santha Fernando

Mr. Hirantha Fernando

Mr. U. V. Piyasena
Business Promotion & Trade Services

Mr. Rajeewa Senevirathne

Mr. Kelum Wijesinghe
Regulatory Affairs

Mrs. Sulari Liyanage
Regulatory Affairs (Technical)

Mrs. Chalani Edirisuriya
Legal Officer

Mr. Sampath Perera
Private Market

Dr. Tharindu D. Durage
Business Development
(International Market)

Mr. Kannusamy Alargasamy
Business Development

Mr. Nilesh Wickramarathne
Sales Manager

Mr. Niroshana Rajamanthri
Key Accounts Manager

Mr. Roshan Perera
Product Manager

Mr. S. Rajashingh
Product Manager

Mr. Ajith De Silva
Product Manager

Our Principals

Yaden International is the Authorised Local Agent for over 30 International Manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.

Anpers Industries - Malaysia
Asoj Soft Caps (Pvt) Ltd - India
Atlantic Laboratories Corporation Ltd - Thailand
Bal Pharma Ltd - India
Baxter Pharmaceuticals India (Pvt) Ltd - India
Bharat Parenterals Ltd - India
Centurion Remedies (Pvt) Ltd - India
Centurion Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd - India
Crescent Pharma Ltd - UK
Delorbis Pharmaceutical Ltd - Cyprus
Hankook Korus Pharm Co. Ltd - Korea
Inject Care Parenterals Pvt. Ltd - India
Interthai Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Ltd - Thailand
Lifepharma FZE - UAE
Macneil & Argus Pharmaceuticals Ltd - India
Mercury Laboratories Limited - India
Neon Laboratories Limited - India
Opsonin Pharma Ltd - Bangladesh
Placental Histotherapy Center - Cuba
Pebra Pty.Ltd - Australia
Renown Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd - India
Sterop Laboratories N.V - Belgium
Siam Bioscience Co.,Ltd - Thailand
Sunways Rohto Pharmaceutical (Pvt) Ltd - India
Treffer Pharmaceuticals - India
VHB Medi Sciences Limited - India
Vital Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd. - India
Vivatinell Ltd - UK
Wings Biotech - India

About Us

Yaden International (Private) Limited incorporated in 2012, is a company which is in the business of Importation, Marketing and Distribution of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.

The company has been engaged with the government tender process and has been continuously supplying products to the government institutions.

In 2017, the company commenced Private Market operations (Private Sector) to distribute pharmaceuticals and medical devices to all the pharmacies and private hospitals across the country. With 10 appointed Regional Distributors, the company now has extended the distribution network to cover all geographical areas of the country.

Yaden International is the Authorized Local Agent for more than 30 foreign manufacturers from various countries and has registered over 400 products with the National Medicines and Regulatory Authority (NMRA) of Sri Lanka.

Tender Division

Yaden International’s Tender Division focuses on supplying pharmaceutical products to the two main government bodies;

• State Pharmaceutical Corporation of Sri Lanka,
• Medical Supplies Division (Ministry of Health)

Yaden International has developed a professional working relationship with these government bodies by maintaining timely delivery and strict adherence to quality and regulatory standards. The company’s market reach extends to all the Government Hospitals in Sri Lanka.

Private Market Division

Yaden International’s Private Market Division focuses on Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices and has its presence in the following market segments;,

1. Prescription Market
2. Generic Market
3. OTC Market

In the Prescription Market, the company’s product portfolio consists of the following therapeutic classes.

• Pulmonolog
• Cardiology
• Nephrology
• Endocrinology
• Dermatology
• Neurology
• Gynecology
• Gastroenterology

Yaden International carries out marketing activities in all 9 Provinces in Sri Lanka and has a distribution network to cover all private hospitals and pharmacies across the Island through appointed regional distributors.

Towards Future

In line with the Vision of the company, Yaden International strives to focus on the unmet medical needs and has already devised plans to enter the following markets.

• Oncology
• Psychiatric
• Opthalmology
• Biosimilars
• Vaccines
• Antiretroviral
• Diagnostic & Laboratory Equipment
• Surgical Instruments

Achievements & Awards

For the exceptional service rendered towards the Government Sector, the company was recognized by State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka at their Supplier Convention in 2019 with the following awards;

• Highest Import & Supply 2015 (value wise)
• Highest Import & Supply 2018 (value wise)

In addition, the company was internationally recognized by the Global Trade Leaders Club based in Madrid, Spain and awarded with “Golden Award for Quality & Business Prestige” in 2017.

Contact Us

No. 67, Norris Canal Road,
Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.

Tel : +94 112 687 330

Fax : +94 112 687 130

E mail : info@yaden.lk